Specialised Services


All our diabetic patients are encouraged to attend our Diabetes Clinic annually to help improve their control and reduce the risks of any complications associated with diabetes. You should be asked to attend a review with nurse Emily or nurse Mandi or you can phone and ask for an appointment earlier if you are having problems.

Asthma/ Breathing Problems/ Smoking Cessation

Emily is our specialist respiratory nurse and her aim is to provide the best symptom control and education for our respiratory patients.

Menopause / Osteoporosis Prevention

Women are encouraged to seek advice and information on menopausal and associated problems. First appointment is with the doctor. Our aim is to improve quality of life and general health for women.

family planning

Cervical Smears

These are available from the practice nurse. Current NHS practice is to offer smears three yearly between the ages of 25 (or as soon as family planning is required) to 34 years, and five yearly from 35 to 64 years. Individual needs may vary and you may be offered a cervical smear test more frequently if the doctor thinks it is appropriate.

Family Planning

This confidential service is provided mainly by our nurse who is trained in the following types of contraception:

  • Contraceptive pill
  • Coil checks

Coil fitting is also available, for anybody interested in this method. An appointment is required with Dr Cox to discuss this further.

Learning Disability Service and Support

Learning Disability Services

Click here to find Learning Disability Services for Hampshire.