Practice Charter

All members of the surgery are dedicated to a quality policy to achieve health services that meet the patient's requirements

In Particular:

  1. You are entitled to receive the best possible service we can provide.
  2. You will be offered the most appropriate care or treatment, provided by suitably qualified team members, only after discussion.
  3. You will be given information about your health and about any care or treatment offered. Care or treatment will not be given without your informed consent.
  4. You have the right to see your confidential health records, subject to certain legal limitations.
  5. You will be offered an appointment to see a doctor or nurse, whoever is most appropriate.
  6. In an emergency you will be seen even if all appointments are booked.
  7. You will be seen on time if possible. If there is a delay of more than twenty minutes, you will be given an explanation by the receptionist.
  8. If you are too ill or infirm to attend the surgery you will receive a home visit if appropriate.


With these rights, patients have certain responsibilities:


  1. Help us to help you. Work with us, by accepting your responsibilities as a patient.
  2. If you need urgent medical advice that is NOT an emergency please consider NHS 111 Service – Tel: 111.
  3. Consider the urgency of your request. Urgent consultations may delay treatment for others.
  4. Keep your appointment. If you are unable to do so, tell us as soon as possible, so that it can be made available to someone else.
  5. Read our Practice booklet. It will help you get the best from our service.
  6. Try to be punctual. Arriving late may cause delay and inconvenience to others. If your appointment is delayed, remember that patients sometimes need extra time with the doctor.
  7. Ask for a home visit ONLY if it is not possible to attend the surgery. If you feel a home consultation is required, please contact us BEFORE 10.30 a.m. whenever possible.