Clinics We Offer


  • Maternity/Postnatal checks                     
  • Baby development checks                         
  • Minor Surgery                  
  • Medical & Special Examinations (non NHS - a few will be charged)

Practice Nurse Services                                                                   

  • Childhood Immunisation            
  • Family Planning                 
  • Smear - if due        
  • Contraception if applicable         
  • BP, Weight, Height Recording
  • General Health Promotion        
  • Travel Advice/Immunisations

Specialist Nurse Services

  • Asthma/COPD/Breathing /Specialist Clinic
  • Coronary Disease Prevention Specialist Clinic
  • Diabetes Review
  • Midwife - Ante-natal - Every other Tuesday 13:30 – 14:50
  • Phlebotomy - Wednesday 08:30 - 12:00, Thursday 08:30 - 12:30

All routine blood tests are taken at this phlebotomy clinic

Please make an appointment with reception & be sure to bring your blood test request form to the phlebotomy clinic. Alternative venues are available if required.

Asthma & Spirometry Clinic

We have a trained asthma Sister who holds regular clinics.  Regular monitoring of asthmatics is recommended and you are advised to make an appointment at the clinic.

Coil Fitting

This service is available at the surgery. Ladies considering a coil need to see a GP initially to confirm suitability.  It is then important to have some routine swabs 2 weeks before the fitting.

Diabetic Clinic

All diabetics who are not regularly monitored at the hospital will be invited to attend this clinic on a regular basis.  Progress should be carefully monitored to reduce the long term risks associated with diabetes, such as heart disease and deteriorating eyesight.

Minor Operation

The Surgery has a well-equipped treatment room and some of the Partners are trained in a range of minor surgical procedures. One of the partners has had special training in the hospital Dermatology department.  Appointments for a minor operation should only be made after an initial consultation with one of the doctors.